Notes Any roasts good for crockpot or oven (but we do want some steaks/burgers/ground)

Please include tallow

Shabushabu is ~1mm slices, marbled?, easy to separate
"Doing this the right way requires cutting the meat on a slicer when the meat is partially frozen" (but local supermarket seems to do it fine without freezing it..)
Rib Loin Shabushabu
Standard roasts + steaks
Skirt Fajita strips Hanger steak?
Short Loin Standard NYStrip/Tenderloin
Sirloin Sirloin Steak: standard (1" ; 1/pkg)
Sirloin Tip Roast: standard, 3 lbs
Sirloin Tip Steak: standard
Round Rump roast: 3 lbs
Flank Fajita strips
Miscellaneous Brisket: corned beef + barbecue brisket
Stew meat
Bones (incl Femur)
Organs Liver
Heart Tongue Oxtail
Ground Beef
packages: 1 & 2 lb pkgs
80% and 93% lean
burger patties: 4-1# in 5 lb boxes
(maybe some 10-1# or 8-1# if possible; or what they recommend for kids? 2 kids patties per adult would be nice)
75% lean