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Please Note
As a highly skilled professional, I only bill for actual work done&emdash; I don't expect to be paid for time off or provided with benefits. In addition, I am also a homeschooling single parent of four children. Resulting from all these circumstances, my time is understandably in high demand. It is possible that I may not be a good fit with your company. But, while you can undoubtedly find other programmers who have no such restrictions, only a handful may be as capable (and not take a magnitude longer&emdash;and therefore more time billed) and of those probably bill at much higher rates. Please keep in mind that I am only available under certain terms:
I only work from home.
There are exceptions to this, but in general I do not have the time to waste travelling to an office every day (besides, this is the 21st century already!). If you wish to fly me in for an occasional meeting with your employees or clients, please let me know in advance.
I don't sign non-compete or non-disclosure agreements.
I have no intention to infringe on your copyrights, nor blabbing about your trade secrets. Doing so would clearly tarnish my reputation as a professional, and no doubt with modern technology it would not be long before I could not find work. However, I work with numerous companies, many of which may operate in competing markets, and what many people think are unique ideas are often obvious to others. Please do note anything specific you share with me and consider to be a trade secret. Finally, non-disclosures are negotiable if the specific information reasonably warrants it, and the terms of the agreement are appropriate. Recommended reading
Copyrights are negotiable.
I prefer to retain copyright on my works and license your company to do whatever you want with it. However, often companies wish to hold the copyrights, and I am willing to oblige. Generally, this is done under an agreement that you are paying me as a "work for hire". Please let me know if you also wish me to not reuse past code I may have written, which I would otherwise of course retain my present copyright to.
I only use free software on my own computers.
If you require usage of non-free software (including gratis non-free software), please provide me with a company-owned computer to run it on. This does not exclude development of non-free software for which your company provides the source code, nor will I infringe on your intellectual property rights of any such code.
My billing rate is based on a number of factors.
While I will keep your budget range in mind, the rate I am willing to work for is influenced by various factors including (but potentially not limited to): my availability, the copyright/licensing terms you wish the work to be produced under, deadlines, and other requirements you might have.
LabJack 2007 - 2008 Software Contributor
  • Ported and unified highlevel U3 and UE9 APIs from C to Python
House Control Automation Framework Ongoing since 2007 Lead Developer
  • Responsible for complete project design and most development, including:
    • Basic Python framework for home automation
    • AJAX web interface for monitoring and control
    • Proliphix IP-HVAC interoperability module
    • Support for LabJack U3 and UE9
    • CM11A module providing support for X10/BSR units and inputs
    • Flexible raw parallel port module for arbitrary binary inputs and outputs
    • XMPP IM alert notifications and control
    • Raw joystick port module for arbitrary binary and analog inputs
    • Asterisk integration for alerts
    • Module providing access to 1-Wire thermostats and other sensors
OpenMethods Ongoing since 2006 Systems Engineer
  • Designed and implemented the network architecture for a new office.
  • Conducted periodic network maintenance including a Cisco router, clustered XMPP instant messaging server, Asterisk PBX, netfilter/iptables firewall and a variety of Linux-based servers.
  • Wrote a real-time log watching utility to monitor Genesys T-Lib events.
  • Assisted in the design, development, and testing of several in-house VoiceXML compliance test harness projects, and OpenVXML quality assurance.
  • Developed a reporting tool, including reports, for real-time and batch call path analysis of Voice Genie and Genesys Voice Platform applications built on the OpenVXML development platform.
  • Wrote adapters to connect VoiceXML interpretors with both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH using the Method Integration Protocol (MIP).
  • Assembled a demonstration LiveCD with a functional installation of FreeSWITCH and OpenVXI using the Method Integration System (MIS).
Armagetron Advanced Ongoing since 2005 Developer
  • Designed and implemented management system for extensible game resources.
  • Led development of arbitrarily shaped game arenas and player axes.
  • Participated in research and evaluation of a variety of source code management and issue tracker tools.
  • Migrated the project to a single Subversion repository preserving the complete history and structure of the project spanning multiple forked CVS repositories.
  • Modularized in-development function classes to ease refactoring to a more flexible game paradigm.
  • Administrate and maintain centralized game resource repository and archive of past and present game releases.
  • Assisted in preparing and deploying new stable game release.
  • Designed XMPP-based concept for offloading authentication, network browsing, and chat to regular XMPP network services.
  • Established a small company providing hosting services for game servers.
OpenZaurus 2005 - 2006 3rd Party Distributor
  • Compiled and distributed daily development snapshots for a custom fork of the GPE OpenZaurus operating system.
Dashjr Family Network Services :) Ongoing since 2004 Lead Network Administrator
  • Installed and configured our three servers which run for our family:
    • a phone system using Asterisk and a variety of Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers
    • a web server hosting our personal websites, blog, and photo gallery
    • an email server supporting IMAP, SMTP, and SSL
    • a BIND 9 DNS server providing a lookup service for our domain
    • a VNC terminal server hosting genealogy research software, to allow distant family members to remotely assist in creating detailed family trees
Benedictine College Computer Services 2004 - 2005 Systems Administrator
  • Maintained and configured various campus servers.
  • Network maintenance, including wiring.
  • Help desk and technical computer support.
  • Designed and developed some custom applications as needed.
GammaMOO Project Ongoing since 2004 Lead Developer
  • Maintain this fork of the LambdaMOO compiler/interpreter integrating several clean, but less tested features such as:
    • a variety of C operators
    • numeric literals in binary, octal, and hexadecimal radices
    • Unicode support
    • backslash escaping to include non-printable characters in string literals
    • ported various C-implemented functions into the MOO language and vice versa
    • internal MOO sockets
    • compiler warnings in addition to errors
Utopios Project Ongoing since 2003 Lead Developer
  • Lead development toward the goal of a new operating system combining and building upon the positive aspects of both source- and binary-based operating systems including being user-friendly to the average person.
  • Design and develop an extremely flexible package builder and manager.
  • Package and deploy stable operating system releases.
Gentoo Technologies 2003 (one year) Developer
  • Wrote and maintained some package building scripts (ebuilds).
  • Designed and led development of the InGen user-friendly installer project.
Isolated Program Files 2003 (a week or so) Architect
  • Designed and developed a program to allow keeping files for individual applications separate from the rest of the system without sacrificing their ease of use.
Actor AI 2002 (a month or so) Developer
  • Developed capabilities for the bot to communicate in multiple simultaneous conversations over the internet using XMPP instant messaging.
Kye 3.0 2001 (one year) Lead Developer
  • Completely rewrote an enjoyable puzzle game creation system from scratch.
  • Enhanced the game engine by adding new elements such as teleporters.
Open Direct Connect 2001 - 2002 Project Lead
  • Designed and developed this modular file sharing application, including modules for a few popular protocols such as IRC/DCC, NeoModus's Direct Connect, and OpenNapster.
A Keepsake Video and A-Sharp DJ Service since 1998 Software Engineer
  • Developed and deployed a comprehensive DJ application capable of queuing music based on events (such as specific dances) and priorities.
  • Developed complementing wedding planner software to assist couples in preparing playlists for the DJ system.
  • Implemented the website wedding date countdown mechanism.
  • Wrote and assisted in installation of various website enhancements.
Eli Whitney Museum 1999 - 2000
  • Developed a new and enhanced marble path analysis program.
  • Designed and developed a multiplayer network chess game using out-of-band communications to a MOO server.
Steven Picard System Analyst, Corporate System Development, West Corporation
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(712) 456-2063
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(402) 714-0604
Tim Barnes Managing Partner, OpenMethods
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Tyler VanWinkle Product Manager, OpenMethods
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